Charles du JEU
Framework Agnostic RIA
[PHP] AjaXplorer Architecture - Zend Framework - Symfony [CMS] Drupal -  Joomla - Wordpress [Persistance] SQL DB, XML files, Cloud Storage
[Javascript] PrototypeJS - jQuery - Dojo - Qooxdoo [Flash] Flex [Mobile] Objective C, Java [Web] HTML5, Css3, older browsers degradation ...
Quality / Modularity
API Testing
Modular Architecture
Code Profiling
Logging and Analysis
Software Engineering
Specifications & Prototyping
Automatic Builds
Source Versionning
Developer / End-user Doc 
Release Early, Release Often



I’m an expert software engineer in the field of Rich Internet Applications. Web technologies are evolving super-fast, and no one can keep up-to-date on all existing frameworks. But with a strong sense of synthesys, a high learning capacity, and a global vision of software developement, it’s possible to find the technologies that best serve customer needs in a long-term, maintanable and evolutive product, while keeping the developement phase quick and efficient. For that reason, even if I do have some specific frameworks I worked with more often or more deeply, I’ll never stick to a given framework if it’s not necessary and if there’s one out there that fits the project better.

AjaXplorer Enjoy your files. Everywhere.

[Type] Open-Source Project (LGPL)  [Role] Developer and Project Leader  [Frameworks] PrototypeJS & Scriptaculous - Handmade PHP implementation of an OSGI-like Architecture (Eclipse Plugins Architecture).

AjaXplorer is a fully featured PHP/AJAX file manager that can be expanded in many ways. Users management system, Metadata (user metadata, exif extraction, etc), online edition of text files and images, remote server access via FTP, SFTP, http proxy, etc. The plugin architecture is ultra-flexible and allows to virtually add any feature. More info on Bridges plugin allow to synchronize users from well-known CMS with AjaXplorer. Some paid work have also been realized to integrate AjaXplorer with specific existing systems.

Theming and integration of Wordpress for the website.

AjaXplorer iOS  Dedicated AjaXplorer GUI for iPhone & iPad

[Type] Objective-C iOS Client [Role] Developper [Frameworks] Cocoa

Ajaxplorer iOS brings both of the AjaXplorer servers and native iOS application together : capture photos and videos directly to the AjaXplorer server, preview all sort of files, cache video locally to watch them later, and of course all standard filesystem operations are supported : create/delete, rename, copy and move ressources.  cultural social network

[Type] Social Networking WebSite [Role] Developper & Project Manager [Frameworks] Symfony - jQuery is a french website that creates a link between cultural events of all sorts and social networking. Currently in Public Beta state, will be released public later this year.

Argeo RIA  modular qooxdoo-based RIA

[Type] Open-Source Project (Apache 2) [Role] Developer and designer [Frameworks] Qooxdoo Javascript Framework

Pure Javascript client designed to communicate with and serve info from SLC, leading product from Argeo. Implemented with the Eclispe classes nomenclatura in mind, many perspectives were developed to serve various customer needs : server agents execution and management, tests results display, LDAP browser interface, bank trading system...

Orbis Medication Tool

[Type] Proprietary - Agfa Healthcare [Role] Developer and designer [Frameworks] Zend Framework with Dojo Toolkit

Tactic application used to agglomerate data from various sources, mainly in XML format, and allow users to enrich the data. User’s inputs are then exported to XML for later use in a big scale project. Typically a high quality GUI delivered in a short time, thanks to the Dojo Toolkit widgets.

[Type] Website [Role] Developer [Frameworks] Drupal

Presentation website for a french entrepreneur association, including a webform and the reporting tools. See

Image Comparison Tool GUI

[Type] Lightweight Software GUI [Role] Developer [Frameworks] In-House MVC in PHP - Beginning of AjaX at the time (2003).

Working as a developer at LTU Technologies in Paris, France, I was in charge of the web GUI for accessing LTU’s leading product for comparing images. Product was used by law-enforcement agencies all over the world.

1998 - 2001 : Ecole Centrale Paris - France - Electronics & Telecoms

2001 - 2002 : Escuala Nacionale de Arte - La Havana, Cuba - Piano

Email : info (at) cdujeu (dot) me

3 SP and 1 LPs released as keyboard player and composer in the french reggae&latin-dub band Alma. Currently working on personal compositions on the dub side of the moon...

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